Precinct V1 "park deck"

This deck is specially made for park riders. It was developed by and with professional stunt scooter riders for the best riding experience. This is the reworked PRECINCT V1 deck, shorter and lighter with special, weight-reducing cut outs in the deck, the head tube and drillings in the head neck. It has proven to provide an incredible feeling and performance, park riders love it!

Precinct V1

The Precinct features a complete new designed, wider deck. It is extra strong to resist highest material stress. The smaller dropouts offer more space to move on it. The forged head neck has a cutout to reduce the weight.  It has awesome high quality prints all over the deck. The new designed brake suits 110mm wheels.

Technical details: Material: Aluminum 6061 T6, 

Weight: 1,5 kg (inluding brake, bolts and spacer), Size 550*120mm

Colors: matt black, matt red, matt blue, polished, neo chrome 

Precinct V2

The Precinct V2 has a new designed, forged headtube (like on the Precinct V1) with the engraved LongWay logo on the head neck. It features a new fork design with cool CNC cut outs, high stability and strength and fits to 120mm or 125mm wheels. The new hollow wheel with its awesome shape and graphic, is lighter and stronger than any other hollow wheel due to the special structure. It comes with 170mm soft and wearproof grips, offering a very nice feeling.

Material: Aluminum 6061 T6 Weight: 1,6 kg 

(including brake, bolts and spacer) Size 560*125mm

Longway Scooter deck Precinct V2 black


The Sector decks have a slightly longer deck length and slightly steeper head tube angle for larger riders or riders that simply want a bit more room to move. It comes with wigh quality epoxy paint in 5 different colors, nice LongWay graphics and high quality water decals. Including brake, axle and all spacers. Suited for 110mm wheels.

Material: Aluminum 6061 T6 Weight: 1,4 kg 
(including brake, bolts and spacer) Size 520*110mm 



Since it was launched years ago, the classic Metro deck is still one of the best balanced and lightest decks on the market. It includes the brake, axle and all spacers. Integrated, suited for 110mm wheels, featuring an attractive logo design.

Material: Aluminum 6061 T6 Weight: 1,34 kg 

(including brake, bolts and spacer) Size 500*110mm