Titanium T-bar "Hyperion"

Our newest LongWay titanium bar is called “HYPERION” like the Titan God of light in the Greek Mythology. It stands for finest quality, strength and lightness It is ultra strong and with only 800 grams it is super light! It has a Y-shape with an additional, strengthening upper strut for the best riding performance.

It comes with an awesome engraved logo design. It is oversized, made for SCS compression.

TITANIUM T-Bar "Kronos"

The new LongWay titanium bar is called “KRONOS” like the Titan God of time in the Greek Mythology.

It stands for highest quality, strength and eternity. It is strong and super light! It comes with a unique laser engraving logo design. It is designed for HIC compression with a clamp slit but our special bar adaptor makes it usable also for SCS compression.

Technical details: Material: Titanium, Width: 610 mm, Weigth: 0,7 kg

High Sizes: M = 650 mm, L = 700 mm

Precinct V1

Made of high quality 4130 Chromoly Steel, high quality FINISH and a beautiful water decal print. A real wide vertical tube of 34,8mm, fitting almost all HIC systems. It has no starnut installed. It has a clamp slit at the bottom. Super strong gussets reinforce the geometry to take the highest stress on the material.

Material: chromoly 4130 Width: 650 mm Weigth: 1,6 kg

Lenghts: M = 660 mm, L = 680 mm, XL = 700 mm

Precinct V2

These bars have a unique, new design and tube geometry for maximum strength! With their horizontal tube, a combination of two separate tubes that are welded into the vertical tube and the small connecting tube to reinforce the whole geometry. These 4130 Chromoly bars are some of the strongest on the market. They are designed to work with an SCS Clamp / Compression system and have NO clamp slit.

Material: chromoly 4130 Width: 610 mm Weigth: 1,4 kg

Lenghts: M = 610 mm, L = 650 mm, XL = 680 mm


This is the first and only of its kind. Designed like a warrior sword we call it “ARES” like the ancient god of war. ARES stands for strength and invincibility as it is one of the strongest t-bars out there! We use a special lug-welding process. Although it is ultra strong it weighs only 1.1kg! It is made of 4130 Chromoly, designed for SCS clamp / compression system and has NO clamp slit.

Material: 4130 Chromoly Steel Weigth: 1,1 kg Width: 580 mm

Lengths: M = 660 mm, L = 680 mm, XL = 700 mm

Sector and Metro

A feather-light bar. One of the lightest on the market made of 6061, T6 heat treated aluminum. Super light gussets reinforce its geometry design to take the most possible stress. It comes with high quality epoxy paint in 4 different colors, nice LongWay graphics and high quality water decals. It is designed for HIC/IHC compression.


Material: Aluminum 6061 T6 Weigth: 0,8 kg Width: 560 mm

High Sizes: M = 610 mm, L = 650 mm, XL = 680 mm